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What’s The Cost Of Healthy Eating?

Updated: Oct 4, 2018

I had a client this week who struggles to eat right. When he finally gets a chance to eat dinner, it’s so much easier to swing by a drive-through and get a hamburger or have pizza delivered to his door. There are healthy restaurant choices in Central Arkansas, but you also have to pay an arm and a leg and sacrifice your first-born child. He was caught in the same struggle as everyone else!

We talked about his food preferences as well as his goals, then headed to the store (That’s right, I went WITH him). He bought a week of healthy, TASTY dinners for only $25! Some of the ingredients will even be used again next week. After 30-45 minutes of cooking, all he has to do is heat it up when he gets home. No supplements, no grainy smoothies, no hassle, and most importantly, he will feel full and enjoy the taste of his dinner!

Life doesn’t have to be an endless cycle of choosing between fast food, breaking the bank, or starving yourself. It’s about finding what you like to eat, using what time you have, and shopping smart.

Call today so we can help you start down the path of healthy food choices!

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