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Finger Taping For BJJ

One of the most common complaints of Jiu Jitsu athletes is finger injuries and pain. Due to the nature of gripping in Jiu Jitsu, as well as Judo, athletes are constantly stressing the ligaments around the finger joints.

The fingers are mostly intended for pure flexion & extension and injuries occur due to excessive rotation or sidebending of these joints. This is frequently caused by grip breaking as well as “jamming” the fingers. There is also chronic stress due to the frequent forces they must withstand during normal gripping activities in the sport. Although the body will adapt to improve its resiliency to this chronic stress, the ligaments may go through periods of increased irritability where they are more prone to injury. This usually coincides with a sudden increase in training intensity or frequency.

Taping the fingers can help support ligaments while they heal from injury or decrease your risk of injury in times of increased training frequency or intensity. Of course, there are already a lot of finger taping videos out there. But, to me, a lot of the videos out there are either too fancy, with unnecessary tape, or are too simple and don’t protect your fingers.

Here I show the way I tape MY fingers and my clients’ and teammates’ fingers. This will help protect the joint from excessive rotation, lateral bending, and extension while still allowing a good amount of flexion for gripping.

Then I break down the anatomy of why the fingers are so vulnerable, what is damaged during grappling, and the structures you are supporting. This taping method is useful to help prevent injury during times of increased stress on the tissues as well as support when you have a minor injury present.

This video does NOT, however, take the place of a real evaluation by a healthcare professional. If your finger has more lateral movement than it should or if it doesn’t get better, please consult a Physical Therapist or Physician for more help!

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