Our Personal Trainer

Brady Golden, Certified Personal Trainer

Growing up, Brady always struggled with his weight. At the age of 21, he reached a peak weight of 501 pounds. Brady’s doctor then diagnosed him with Stage 2 Hypertension and warned him that he was at risk of having a stroke. During this same visit, his doctor recommended he look into gastric sleeve surgery to lose weight. Brady decided against the procedure, but instead decided to make a change in his lifestyle.


Starting with small changes in dietary habits, Brady began to see his path out of obesity one step at a time. Seeing discipline as a muscle that could be strengthened, Brady’s diet changes soon became lifestyle changes. After building a foundation of healthy dietary habits, Brady soon began to incorporate exercise into his life. 


Brady has now lost over 280lbs, and his passion for health and fitness is contagious! He’s now certified by the American Council on Exercise as a personal trainer and is pursuing a degree in Nutrition at the University of Central Arkansas. Brady believes it is his personal mission to help others create healthy lives for themselves and reach their health and fitness goals, no matter what they may be.


No Goal is too big!


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